BrByte Framework | brb_framework

brb_framework is a Framework of BrByte, written in C, containing the libraries and codes used by the company in the distribution of BrbOS (, a release based on FreeBSD.

For now we are publishing the libbrb_core.

The main library is the libbrb_core. That contains an abstraction for an event-oriented base, using kqueue (


Origin & References

libbrb_core is developed and maintained by BrByte (

It is built for and developed on FreeBSD system, patches to are most welcome.

On Linux you can use libkqueue.


This project is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License – see the file in github for details.


There is more to come.


Guilherme Amorim de Oliveira Alves <>
Luiz Fernando Souza Softov <>

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