RADIUS Configure in ZTE OLT

Topic about how to configure Telnet RADIUS AAA in ZXA10 – ZTE OLT.


  • Make sure that the devices are communicating with each other normally.
  • Access to the ZXA10 C220/C300/* through HyperTerminal or Telnet.


  • The ZXA10 C220 supports RADIUS authentication for Telnet users.
  • RADIUS is a standard AAA protocol.

To configure the RADIUS, perform the following steps:

Step-1. Use the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
Step-2. Use the radius authentication-group command to configure RADIUS authentication group.
Step-3. Use the server command to configure RADIUS server.
Step-4. Use the algorithm command to configure RADIUS algorithm.
Step-5. Use the timeout command to configure RADIUS time-out time.
Step-6. Use the deadtime command to configure RADIUS invalid time.
Step-7. Use the max-retries command to configure RADIUS maximum retry times.

Example of RADIUS Configure in ZTE OLT:

Authentication group: 1
Server IP address:
Key: zte
Algorithm: round-robin
Invalid time: 60 minute
Max retry times: 3
ZXAN#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL/Z.
ZXAN(config)#radius authentication-group 1
ZXAN(config-authgrp-1)#server 1 key zte
ZXAN(config-authgrp-1)#timeout 120
ZXAN(config-authgrp-1)#algorithm round-robin
ZXAN(config-authgrp-1)#deadtime 60
ZXAN(config-authgrp-1)#max-retries 3

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