Convert OVA to VMX, change SHA256 to SHA1 and edit unsupported hardware vmx-11 to vmx-10

I was trying to run GNS3 2.2.29 in vmware esxi 5.5.0
First I get a invalid SHA256.

I download ovftool and converted ova (SHA256) to ova (SHA1) using the command

ovftool.exe –shaAlgorithm=SHA1 ” $PATH \GNS3 VM.ova” ” $PATH \GNS3 VM_sha1.ova”

After that I get a unsupported hardware vmx-11, so to edit hardware support I needed to convert it to vmx

ovftool.exe “$PATH\GNS3 VM.ova” ” $PATH \GNS3 VM.vmx”

edit virtualhw.version from 11 to 10 in generated file .vmx

then generate back ova with sha1

ovftool.exe –shaAlgorithm=SHA1 ” $PATH \GNS3 VM.vmx” ” $PATH \GNS3 VM_sha1.ova”

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